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来源:塑胶跑道|塑胶跑道价格|塑胶跑道材料|人造草坪|硅PU球场 发布日期:2018-8-23 9:30:48

        Black rubber particles are often found on artificial turf football fields, so what are they used for?


         The rubber particles on this artificial turf have three main effects:

        1、 由于草皮是采用聚合物拉丝制成的,所以需要用石英砂或者橡胶粒来压住草丝,稳定草皮,一般下层用石英砂,上层用橡胶粒;
        1. As the sod is made of polymer drawn wire, it needs to be compressed with quartz sand or rubber grain to stabilize the sod.

        2 、人造草皮不具有土壤,这样当碰撞或跌倒时人身体受力较大,很容易受伤,加入高弹性的橡胶粒可以有效模拟土壤的感觉,防止部分因与场地碰撞发生的受伤;
        2. The artificial turf does not have soil, so that when the collision or fall, the human body is under great stress and is vulnerable to injury.

        3 、还有就是聚合物拉丝表面比真实草皮要光滑不少,尤其是下雨的时候,这时加入橡胶粒可以提供更大的摩擦力,提高草皮的使用性能。运动场休闲人造草皮每平方米价格就找运之家。
        3. In addition, the surface of the polymer wire is much smoother than the real turf, especially when it rains. At this time, adding rubber particles can provide greater friction and improve the performance of the turf.