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来源:塑胶跑道|塑胶跑道价格|塑胶跑道材料|人造草坪|硅PU球场 发布日期:2018-8-15 9:33:04

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's demands on the environment have become higher. Therefore, artificial turf courses, landscape artificial turf, roof artificial turf and so on have appeared one after another. In the landscaping, artificial turf has played an irreplaceable role.

1, man-made lawn, and terrain: when to cooperate to use artificial lawn and terrain, terrain and artificial turf will be in harmony, the beauty of the artificial lawn terrain can be foil out, more commonly used in the small garden, garden, park, community, and the scenic area, etc., especially after the tiny modification, prompting terrain appear small changes, the surface will be more tidy, can be better to artificial turf for visual display.

2. Artificial turf and architecture:
Construction in the whole design, utilization or position and so on are very important, because the lawn is relatively low, have corresponding open sex, can take advantage of the characteristics of the building will serve as a foil to reflect, and combined with the plasticity of the artificial turf to soften the building on the hard line, the entire landscape design more rich artistic composition, if you want to make more beneficial in terms of health to the body of the landscape environment, requires that the surrounding environment and buildings must coordinate with each other, because the artificial lawn belongs to flat piece, so in effect more apparent, can often be used in building and environment adjustment.